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Desire LP43765 Soy Wax Medium Scented Candle - Fresh Linen

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Desire by Lesser & Pavey

Soy wax hand poured scented candles - Medium

Scent: Fresh Linen

Part No: LP43765

A natural wax made from soya bean. Hand poured. All in a glass jar with a lid to keep the fragrance fresh when not in use. Can be used as a storage jar or tea light holder once candle has been fully used.

Soya beans are pressed under great pressure to release the natural oil. The oil is then filtered to a great purity and then hydrogen is passed through to solidify and produce the wax.

As well as being natural in its ingredients, soy wax is healthier and produces no harmful toxins or carcinogens when it burns.

25 hours burn time approx

For best performance keep wick trimmed to 1cm

Size Approx: 9.5cm high x 8.2cm diameter

Never leave burning candles unattended!

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