See our Spear & Jackson range

See our Spear & Jackson range

Soear & Jackson

Greetings, fellow garden enthusiasts and DIY aficionados! If you're on a quest to elevate your gardening game to new heights, look no further. We are thrilled to be your trusted source for a diverse range of Spear & Jackson tools that are set to revolutionize your outdoor space. Our commitment to delivering top-notch tools is matched only by our dedication to ensuring you make the most of them. Here's your guide to harnessing the true potential of these exceptional products, all while enjoying budget-friendly delivery options.


Garden Hand Tools: Precision in Your Palms

Let's start with the basics – the garden hand tools. From cultivating flowerbeds to planting your favorite greens, these tools are your green thumbs' best friends. Our collection of hand trowels, forks, and hoes from Spear & Jackson is all about precision and comfort. Remember, when using these tools, maintain a firm yet gentle grip, allowing the tool's design to do the work for you. This will minimize strain on your hands and wrists, making your gardening sessions more enjoyable.

Spear and Jackson Traditional 5030TR Hand Trowel      Spear & Jackson Potting Tools 3pce - Stainless Set  

Cutting and Pruning: Shaping Nature's Canvas

For those moments when your garden needs a touch of artistic finesse, our cutting and pruning tools are your allies. Spear & Jackson's pruning shears, loppers, and saws are designed to effortlessly handle branches and stems. When using these tools, be mindful of the angles – cut above a bud or node for healthier regrowth. Keep the blades sharp for cleaner cuts, which help plants heal faster and maintain their vitality.

Spear & Jackson 4960RSA Razorsharp Folding Pruning Saw             Spear & Jackson 4935TP Razorsharp Lightweight Telescopic Tree Pruner    

Digging and Planting: Lay the Foundations

When it's time to get your hands dirty, our range of digging and planting tools comes to the rescue. Spades, shovels, and post hole diggers from Spear & Jackson are engineered to make soil work a breeze. Remember, dig to the appropriate depth for your plants, allowing sufficient space for their roots to establish. Mix in compost and aerate the soil to provide the best start for your green companions.

Spear & Jackson 4750FS Flower Spade    Spear and Jackson Traditional 4550DF Digging Fork  Spear & Jackson 1071AL Neverbend Professional Treaded Digging Spade


Watering and Irrigation: Nourishing Elegance

Ensuring your garden thrives also means keeping it well-hydrated. Our watering and irrigation tools, including hosepipes, watering cans, and sprinklers, make this task efficient and effective. When using sprinklers, choose a suitable pattern and ensure even coverage to prevent under- or over-watering. For watering cans, aim at the base of plants to minimize water wastage and maximize absorption.

Spear & Jackson 45LWCKEW Kew Gardens French Style Metal Watering Can 4.5Ltr                       Spear & Jackson 8LPAPS Pressure Sprayer 8LTR

Hand Saws and Cutting Tools: Crafting with Confidence

Beyond gardening, Spear & Jackson's expertise extends to hand saws and cutting tools suitable for woodworking and construction projects. Whether you're building structures or crafting woodwork, these tools ensure accurate cuts. Maintain the sharpness of the blades for clean cuts, and remember to work in a well-ventilated area with proper safety measures.

Spear & Jackson 9500R Traditional Skew Back Saw 22" 10ppi      Spear & Jackson Wood Splitter        Spear & Jackson B8921 Predator Bow Saw 21"

Budget-Friendly Delivery

As you explore the Spear & Jackson range and choose the tools that resonate with your aspirations, we're pleased to offer you an incredibly affordable delivery solution. Our mainland customers enjoy a minimal delivery fee of just £4, making it easier than ever to receive the tools you need right at your doorstep. And that's not all – for orders over £50, we're thrilled to provide free delivery, ensuring that your investment in quality tools is met with cost-effective and convenient shipping.

With Spear & Jackson's exquisite tools at your disposal and our guidance in your corner, there's no limit to the wonders you can create in your garden and beyond. Remember, each tool is a masterpiece in itself, designed to simplify your tasks and enhance your outcomes. Take your time to familiarize yourself with these tools' features and remember our tips for optimal use.

We're more than just a shop; we're your partners in the journey to a flourishing garden and impressive DIY projects. Explore the Spear & Jackson range, choose the tools that resonate with your aspirations, and embark on a journey of transformation. Let's grow, create, and thrive together!

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