We believe that the best way to recycle is to re-use, so please forgive us if we re-use boxes, bubble wrap, and newspapers as packaging. It helps the environment and keeps our overheads down allowing us to provide our competitive prices.


  We make it easy for you to 'do your bit' for the environment!
Now recycling cartridges is easier than ever. We are partners in the BRITA Retail Recycling scheme across the UK. Special bins have been provided in our store to deposit your used filter. To find out more about how it works and the benefits to the environment, just click here BRITACare 


UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Regulations (SI 2006 No. 3289)

The UK WEEE regulations require that businesses involved in the supply of electrical equipment take an active role in its collection and recycling.

As a conscientious business, W Hurst & Son (IW) Ltd has chosen to offer a like for like take back scheme where you can return your old item when you buy a new one. This is a free of charge service for Isle of Wight customers. This means that if you purchase a new electrical product from us we have to take back your old one to be disposed of. For example, if you buy a new kettle you can bring your old one in for disposal. This is called a like for like take back. The product you buy must be the same as the product you return. If we have to come and collect it, because you are unable to bring it in, we will make a collection charge of £5.00. However, if we deliver your new one and collect the old one at the same time there is no charge (This applies to customers on the Isle of Wight only)

If you live on the mainland you will have to pay for the postage to return your old one to us. Alternatively, you can take it to your local WEEE collection facility, free of charge, which can be located at www.recycle-more.co.uk

UK households dispose of over 1.2 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. This is the equivalent of 150,000 double decker buses and would be enough to fill the new Wembley Stadium six times over.

Much of the UK’s electronic waste ends up in landfill sites, where toxins put communities at risk. Failure to segregate any type of recyclable material in the home will usually result in items being disposed of in a landfill site (buried in the ground in the UK) or being incinerated.

To remind you to recycle, all new electrical products are marked with a crossed out wheelie bin symbol.

The Isle of Wight Designated Collection Facility can be found at: 

Lynnbottom Household Waste Recycling Centre Briddlesford Road, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Where the following materials are collected:


        Other large kitchen appliances

        Televisions and monitors

        Fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs

        All other waste electrical and electronic equipment

Find out how to minimise your effect on the environment and to locate all other collection facilities throughout the UK, please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk

Under the Waste Battery Regulations, W Hurst & Sons are now offering a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries. You can return your waste household batteries to any of our business premises in person. Alternatively, you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at BatteryBack.org Most supermarkets and shops that sell batteries will have collection bins for used batteries, and some town halls, libraries or schools may also set up collection points. End-users may find stores in their local area more accessible.