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1001 44305 Mousse for Carpets 350ml Aerosol

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1001 Carpet Care by WD-40

Mousse for Carpets & Upholstery 350ml Aerosol

Part No. 44305

Size: 350ml

Product Information

1001 Mousse is an easy-to-use quick drying cleaning mousse for treating “heavy use” areas. It is the speedy solution for treating wet spills and stains AND for removing dried-in-dirt.

How the product works…
The unique rapid drying formula works it’s magic, deep-down into the fibres to remove stains like red wine, tea, juice or mud really quickly.
The product also contains a unique blend of mild detergents and a polymer that helps prevent re-soiling and leaves no sticky residue.
Safe on all carpet types including wool the product contains no bleaching agents or aggressive solvents.

Top Tip
When using 1001 Mousse do not over scrub carpet in one area and do not overwet.


Safety first

Always test a hidden area for colour fastness and allow to dry completely before use.


Liquid Spills – Blot stain with kitchen towel or clean dry cloth to soak up excess Solid Residues – Scrape up excess with a blunt knife Dry Stains – Vacuum the affected area

Here’s how to use Mousse in a few easy steps…

  • Shake the can well before use.
  • Lightly cover stain with spray taking care not to make the stained area too wet.
  • Hold the can 6-12 inches from the stained area and press down firmly on push button. For larger areas you may need to shake the can occasionally between sprays. Take care not to make the stained area too wet.
  • Use a damp, colour fast cloth or sponge to massage the mousse into the stain from the outside to the centre until fully absorbed.
  • For long pile carpets or really bad stains, you may need to repeat with another application.
  • Vacuum the area when dry.

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