Elbow Grease ELBWGRSE-WUS-500ML  Washing Up Spray 500ML

Elbow Grease ELBWGRSE-WUS-500ML Washing Up Spray 500ML

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Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray 500ML


Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray is a Power Degreaser spray that is ready to cut through grease & grime in an instant.

A powerful formulation, it works hard to quickly dissolve and remove stubborn food deposits from pots, plates and pans. Ready to use spray bottle.

Simply turn the spray nozzle to the 'on' position, spray, wipe and rise away for a sparkling, lemon fresh finish. For heavy, stubborn stains, spray, leave for a few minutes before wiping and rinsing.

Turn the nozzle to the 'off' position after use.

Suitable to use to clean glasses, pans, plates and dishes. A new addition to the Elbow Grease range of cleaning products.

With a lemon fresh scent and easy to use spray bottle, with thousands of positive reviews and happy customers worldwide.

The only cleaner you'll ever need. Elbow Grease Washing Up Spray, 500ml


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