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The Big Cheese STV162 Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

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The Big Cheese by STV International Ltd

Live Multi Catch Mouse Trap

Part No: STV162

Self Setting trap catches 4 or more mice alive

Baited ready to use

The live multi-catch mouse trap is an effective and welfare friendly way to control mice in and around the home.

In severely affected areas use more than one trap: mice live in groups and traps placed 2 to 3 metres apart will ensure maximum catch

Easy to use: 

  • Close the clear view lid and place trap so tunnel is against the wall
  • Slide open trap lid and remove bait cover

Check trap at least twice daily, ideally at the beginning and end of each day.

Remove traps when regular inspection is not possible.

For live release, hold trap just above ground with lid facing away from you and open

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