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Defenders STV436 Fruit Tree Grease Band 1.75Mtrs

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Defenders by STV International Ltd

Fruit Tree Grease Band

Part No: STV436

Set contains:

  • 175cm x 10cm Band
  • String

Protect fruit and ornamental trees against winter moths, caterpillars, ants and earwigs

Suitable for organic gardening

Simple and effective grease band to protect fruit and ornamental trees by controlling orchard pests, particularly winter moths and ants.

For best results, apply the grease band at the beginning of winter, before adult female moths emerge to climb trees and lay eggs.

Re-apply in summer to protect against ant infestations and summer crawling pests.

The Fruit Tree Grease Band will protect your trees and fruit by trapping the moths before they have a chance to lay eggs, preventing problems later when the caterpillars emerge to feed on leaves.

Other harmful crawling insects will also be controlled, but beneficial insects will not be affects as they are not attracted by the green colour.

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