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Araldite Steel Tubes (2 x 15ml)

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Araldite Steel Glue

Araldite Steel 2 x 15ml tube is a strong, long-lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water-resistant and can be painted or sanded. Perfect for jobs on metal like plumbing, car bodywork, gates and windows.

With an environmentally sound product formulation it is recommended for use on most types of metal including steel, galvanised steel, cast-iron, copper and brass and it will set quickly in around 5 minutes achieving full strength in just 4 hours.

2-component epoxy with fast setting, handling time of 1 hour. Will not rust. Metallic grey colour. Fills gaps for uneven breaks. Parts repositionable for 4 minutes, with permanent full bond strength in 4 hours. High temperature resistance (-30°C to 100°C). Oil, chemical and impact resistant.

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