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Briwax BWSWSLGT Wax Filler Sticks Set - Light Wood Shades

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Briwax Filler Sticks - Furniture Repair Kit

4 x Filler Sticks for Light Wood Shades

1 x Applicator

Ideal for scratches, dents, small holes and chips.

Instructions for use:

Step 1. Remove any high points or burrs using the edge of the applicator.

Step 2. Chip a small amount of wax onto the tip of the applicator and press into the area.

Step 3. Remove surplus wax using the front edge of the applicator. Always ensure this is kept level with the substrate to ensure a smooth surface. Make any colour correction by repeating stage 2 but using a different wax. You may find it useful to chip out a small section of wax using the tip of the applicator, then re-apply the preffered colour shade.

Step 4. The repair is complete.


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