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Gorilla Clear Repair Tape 8.2Mtrs x 48mm

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Gorilla Clear Repair Tape 8.2Mtrs x 48mm

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Welcome to the tape with ultimate clarity.

Just because Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear is virtually invisible, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s any less impressive.

This tape is just as strong, combining durability with a professional finish.

Plus, because it’s made by us, your customers can expect all the usual qualities. Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear is waterproof, airtight and incredibly resilient.

It won’t yellow outdoors and has thousands of DIY, crafting and everyday uses.

Tearable by hand and yet with an ultra-strong adhesive layer, it’s never been easier to repair and protect.

Thousands of uses Automotive, camping, inflatables, smart screens and
much more.
Tear by hand It’s easy to rip a strip.

Waterproof Not just waterproof but even sticks underwater.
High strength Like original Gorilla Tape, this one is just as strong.
Won’t yellow outdoors Weatherproof. Takes the sun’s rays in its stride.

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