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Protect Garden 86600937 Provanto Boltac Greasebands 5Mtrs

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Protect Garden Boltac Grease Band 5Mtrs

Part No. 86600937

Boltac Greasebands are the easy to use pest barrier for trees. The bands are pesticide free, effectively trapping a wide range of pests, including winter moths and other insects before they get up into the tree canopy.

  • Easy to use pest barrier
  • Controls Winter Moth Caterpillars, Earwigs and Ants
  • Pesticide Free


When and where to use:

Controls Winter Moth caterpillar, Earwigs and Ants.

To save fruit from Winter Moth caterpillars:

  • Apply in autumn and keep in place until the following April.

To trap Earwigs and Ants as they try to climb the trees:

  • Apply in the summer.

Inside the pack you will find a ready prepared greased band approximately 5m long and some brown wire to tie greased band onto the tree.

The band should be fixed well above the level of any surrounding vegetation to ensure it is not bridged, which may allow insects to avoid the grease.

Use the band around any supporting tree posts.

Examine the bands regularly to ensure they are still in place.

How to use


  1. Remove the band from the packaging and unroll.
  2. Cut off enough band to go round the tree trunk once, leaving 10cm (4”) overlap.
  3. Open out the band carefully to expose the greased surface.
  4. Wrap the band around the tree firmly, sticky side exposed.
  5. Overlap the ends to ensure a tight fit. The bands should fit closely to the truck for the best protection.
  6. Use the wire provided to tie around the top and bottom of the band to secure it to the trunk.
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