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Rentokil FR28 Rat Cage Trap

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Rentokil Metal Rat Cage Trap

Part No. FR28

High quality strong metal cage traps

Can be used to trap rats and small mammals

Easy to set and bait, for indoor and outdoor use

Has carry handle for easy handling

How to use:

  • Place the trap on a flat surface and slide the horizontal front bar to its highest point
  • Whilst keeping the horizontal bar in place, pull the wire pin (located at the top of the door) back towards the rear of the cage
  • This will lift the door open
  • Whilst holding the door open, secure some bait to the hook inside the cage
  • Rentokil suggest the fist, meat, bacon or carrot smeared with peanut butter are all good baits
  • Once baited, push the end wire pin through the eye of the hook, located at the top of the cage near the handle

Size Approx: 36.6cm x W 18.3cm x H 12.5cm.

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