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Rocket 1661072 Mouse Hand Sander with 3 Sandpaper Sheets

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Rocket Mouse Hand Sander with 3 Sandpaper Sheets

Part No. 1661072

Manual Mouse Sander which includes 3 multi surface sand paper sheets

  • 1 x Fine
  • 1 x Medium
  • 1 x Coarse

Ideal for sanding large flat areas

Comfortable soft-grip for easier sanding

Handy hook & loop backing to change grades quickly and easily

Perfect for large scale and hard to reach jobs

Dimensions Approx: H 5cm x W 9.6cm x L 13.5cm

Basic Information:

Replacement sheets available in premium anti-clog coarse, medium, fine and mesh grades

Start with the coarsest grit and then work your way through the finer grades.

On wood, sand with the grain of the wood, not across it. Use straight smooth strokes. On timber with corners or moulded shapes be careful not to sand the corners or shapes too much as they will sand away quite easily.

Periodically stop and remove sanding dust from the sand paper and avoid heat build up by not pushing too hard when sanding.

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