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Select 88433 Letterplate - Flushback 12" Gold Frame/Flap

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Select Hardware Letterplate

Flushback 12" Gold Anodised Frame/Flap

Part No. 884-33 (88433)

Fits over existing aperture

Fully sealed letterplate flap

Product information

  • Fully sealed flap
  • Prevents draughts
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Improves privacy
  • Easy surface mounting
  • Suitable for interior or exterior
  • Conforms to British Standards
  • Letterplate flap opens 135°
  • Screws supplied


  • Letterplate overall: 292mm x 76mm
  • Letterplate aperture: 254mm x 40mm
  • Suits apertures up to: 266mm x 54mm
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