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Vanish Powerpowder Carpet Cleaner 650g

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Vanish Power Powder Clean & Fresh Carpet Cleaner 650g

Amazing Deep Carpet Cleaning

Product Features

  • Soften, freshen and clean your Carpet
  • For an easy and effective way of cleaning large areas of carpet we recommend using Vanish Powerpowder Large Area Carpet Cleaner.

Vanish PowerPowder Large Area Carpet Cleaner cleans, freshens and now also softens your carpet the more you use it thanks to our new formula with special conditioning ingredients. The moist powder helps remove tough ground in dirt, odours and dust trapped deep in the carpet pile. Vanish Power Powder has been specially designed for easy use on large areas of your home. The fast drying action of the powder means your carpets are dry in just 20 minutes, so you can enjoy your clean, fresh and soft carpets in no time!

Usage Info

1. Ventilate the room well prior to use.
Vacuum the carpet before use.
2. Shake the Vanish container vigorously before each use to maximise product coverage.
3. Remove cap & treat an area of 0.8m squared at a time, sprinkle evenly on the carpet. Do not add water.
4. Using a soft bristle brush, immediately brush the powder thoroughly into the carpet. Continue to the next section.
5. Wait at least 20 minutes for the powder to dry. Meanwhile replace cap tightly & fit a new vacuum bag or empty the machine. Now vacuum the whole carpet thoroughly.
6. Occasionally you may find light patches after cleaning. The powder can bind to stain residues; remove the residues with a soft brush and vacuum again.

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