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Vitax 6GL3 Granular Garden Lime 3kg

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Vitax Granular Garden Lime - 3kg

Part No. 6GL3

A soil conditioner and source of calcium and magnesium in an easy to use, virtually dust free granule.

Vitax granular garden lime s a easy to use product which retains the fast acting effects of a fine powdered lime but has the advantages of a low dust pellet, dispersing readily soon after application.

Improves the drainage of heavy, sour, clay soils making them more friable and easier to work.

Eliminates the conditions under which club root disease is cabbages and other brassicas thrive.

Directions for use:

Acid soils:

Apply annually, preferable from September onwards, at the rate of 200-400gm per sq mtr

Normal soils:

Apply every two or three years at the rate of 200gm per sq mtr


Vitax granular lime can be used when Lime is specified in the mix


    Please read instructions carefully before use.

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