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Vitax 6VMV10 Vermiculite Additive For Compost 10Ltr

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Vitax Vermiculite Additive For Compost - 10 Litre

Part No. 6VMV10

  • Holds nutrients and water near to roots
  • Provides good air balance
  • Helps maintain even temperature
  • Ideal for seed sowing and pricking out

Vitax Vermiculite is a natural mineral that has been heated to high temperature to produce lightweight, highly absorbent flakes.

Its use in the garden will improve the aeration of growing media such as compost or soil and increase retention of moisture and nutrients.

Its use will help promote faster, healthier plant growth.

Use and Storage:

  • Wear gardening gloves when handling contents
  • Wash hands after use
  • Re-seal bag after use
  • Store in a frost-free area

Please read instructions carefully before use.

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