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Dexam 17841249 Food Piping Nozzles Set of 3

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Dexam Food Piping Nozzles Set of 3

Part No. 17841249

These nozzles are larger than the kind you'd use for icing, but if you want to pipe things like mashed potato on top of a shepherd's pie, meringue for pavlovas, choux paste for eclairs or Viennese whirls to give them a professional look, then these nozzles will do the trick. They don't come with a connector (if you need one you'll need to purchase one separately) but you don't really need a connector with disposable piping bags - just snip the end off the bag to fit. The nozzle tips are three basic shapes, all you need for food piping.

Length: 4cm
Width: 4cm
Height/Depth: 5cm

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